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Frequent asked questions

We are not only a group for theological reflection with the purpose to produce notes and articles on the different subjects that we study but we are an apostolic and prophetic group with two objectives:

  1. To edify the church according to the revelation of the mystery of Christ and the body of Christ in the World.
  2. To make a prophetic contribution to the church of the world in our generation and in the coming ones.

Concerning our apostolic ministry, in the light and the revelation received from God, we have the following responsibilities and challenges from God:

  1. To advance toward the UNITY of the church with all the movements, ministries and congregations in each of the cities, nations and continents where we have works.
  2. To advance toward the QUALITY and HOLINESS of the church. First, in the life of the ministers and brothers who are under our ministerial responsibility. And in second place we want to be an influence wherever possible throughout the rest of the body of Christ to see that holiness mature.
  3. To advance toward numerical growth and multiplication of the disciples (QUANTITY), both in the cities where we live and work as well as in all the localities of our countries and in all the nations of the World.
  4. As the salt of the earth and the light of the World, it is our purpose to contribute to the transformation of Society through the example of our lives, prayers, good works, teaching and preaching.

Concerning our prophetic ministry, we have the responsibility to communicate God’s revelation to all the body of Christ in our generation and the coming generations, through:

  1. Encounters and conferences for ministers of the Word in all the continents of the world.
  2. Publication of printed material.
  3. All the means of diffusion that modern technology places within our reach.

Those members of AFI that are developing a deeper level of fellowship based on our acquaintance and mutual confidence, are able to establish more concrete relations of unity and mutual submission, so as to advance toward the unity of the body of Christ in our countries, continents and in the world, recognizing over our lives, ministries and the churches that are under our ministerial responsibility the collegiate apostolic covering of AFI.

  1. That they exercise a recognized apostolic ministry.
  2. That they are founded on biblical ground and live a life of Integrity
  3. That they either follow AFI ministry through the web as friends or attend AFI conferences and consultations as observers first and if conditions are met, than as members.
  4. That they commit themselves to contribute to the unity, quality and growth of the Church of Jesus Christ.
  5. That they commit to attend the annual consultations and pay the annual fees (250,00 €).
  1. A prophetic contributions to their personal life and ministry growth to guide the church towards its maturity: quality, unity and quantity.
  2. Printed and online written materials on the different themes discussed at apostolic consultations.
  3. The opportunity to attend AFI apostolic conferences and consultations.
  4. If desired, AFI can consider to give them an apostolic covering over their ministry and churches through committed apostolic members.

If the applicant exercise a recognized apostolic ministry and this can be confirmed by recognized leader or apostolic ministries in the evangelical world, he can fill the application form and send it to If conditions are met, the AFI coordinator will send a first invitation to participate at the following Consultation. We expect that the applicant attend as an observer to at least two consultations and meet at least some of the Council members. AFI Council will than examine his request and eventually approve it. An official communication will be sent and with the payment of the annual fee, the applicant will become a member.