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The Vision

“We need to create an international place for reflection, for prayer, for revelation, to hear God and to listen to one another. We need communication and we need to know what God is doing in different parts of the world, as well as what He is saying. We need to renew our covenant with God. It is a covenant of faithfulness and loyalty to the revelation of the mystery of Christ; a covenant of integrity, of self-denial, of consecration as well as a covenant of love, respect, humility, companionship and friendship between each other.”

Jorge Himitian. Italy 2000

In the New Testament there is a clear indication and understanding of the collegial nature of the apostolic ministry, as a ervice for the unity and “catholicity” of the Church. The Koinonia of the apostles is necessary to the connection, the coordination and the organic unity of the local, national and trans-continental fellowships over which they preside (episcopè). This allows the recognition of individual ministry but always in bonds of unity and truth with the collective episcope, the sphere and the responsibility of the collegial apostolic government. The apostolic nature of the Church is the responsibility of the apostles in a mutual fellowship of love and truth. The koinonia and the unity of the apostles is necessary as an authoritative “diakonia” to the universal Church so that it can grow in love and truth (from the truth in love to the truth in unity) in our individual churches, and in the wider Church, with a view to obtaining the fullness already expressed in Christ, and which remains God’s unquestionable goal for the Church.

Giovanni Traettino. Brasile 2002